AccuTox, Inc. offers competitive pricing to all of our clients, call us to find out how we can start saving your company money today!


Insured Patients

AccuTox, Inc. StatLab is in network with many major insurance providers. Our experienced billing staff can answer all of your insurance, billing and coverage questions. Any insurance providers that we aren't currently in network with will have their labwork forwarded to the laboratory recommended by their insurance policy so that you won't receive any out of network charges, whether it be Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, and many others. 

Non-Insured Patients

AccuTox, Inc. offers the lowest cash pay prices in the area to help suit those without insurance or other forms of health coverage. We understand the importance of reliable healthcare and believe it should be offered and affordable to all. If you don't have coverage and are in need of labwork, call us today for pricing!


Insurance and billing

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